Feisty. Smart. Talented. Committed. Passionate. Fearless.All words that describe Caitlin Ashley Thompson who has never looked back since starting acting classes at the tender age of eleven.

Originally growing up in remote areas of the harsh North West of Western Australia, Caitlin moved to the state capital of Perth when she was only ten with a dream of performing on screen and stage. Her introduction to acting was initially through local drama schools where she quickly showed an aptitude for the craft and a willingness to learn and push herself.

Since then she has continued to hone her skills, from the Howard Fine Master Classes in Sydney and Melbourne where she was one of the youngest actors ever invited to attend, to the Foundation Course with Laura Gardner. These courses confirmed what Caitlin already knew, there was nothing more she would rather do than act. Determined to pursue this career, she convinced her family to allow her to move to Melbourne at the age of 16. But then Caitlin has always been a trailblazer – first bungy jump at age 10; skydiver at 13!

Now at the age of 18 Caitlin has moved to LA, armed with an O1 visa Caitlin continues her acting journey the only way she knows how, full throttle and determined to succeed. Among career highlights to date, Caitlin has recently secured a supporting role in the much anticipated Australian film Scab Girl Asylum, appeared on stage in the Western Australian Youth Theatre Company’s 2012 production of Mine. She has been in a number of short films, including playing a Russian human traffic victim in the award winning film Blindspot and a serial killer in the Filmbites’ Professional Partnership Programme film Darkness.

Caitlin looks forward to her first starring role in a feature film and lists her acting inspirations as Mia Wasikowska, Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel McAdams, and Meryl Streep.